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Green Solutions: Look Better, Feel Better, Live Longer
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Our story started two years ago when I went to a home show and learned about Shaklee and the product lines. I was very impressed and came home and told Jim I wanted to build my own business. He said “are you sure”? And I said yes.  Especially, because the allergies that Jim and the kids suffered from, and with my asthma. I could not stand the bleach and ammonia Jim was using in the house.  I learned that I was living in a toxic home. I felt better using these products and cleaning the house.  


The awareness in eco-friendly products is growing people want to live longer – feel younger and are taking an interested in their health.


 In the past I was taking baby steps to be greener. Today I believe making the more positive choices has given me a healthier life style. Once I started educating myself and  learning  how the prouducts was affecting the environment, I chose to take a greener, road, to the extent my lawn treatment is pesticide free. The products I use in my home also have more recycled content. They are safe for my pets and visitors.  We were already recycling and changing light bulbs. But, that is not all one needs to do.


Jim was the health minded one in the family for many years pushing me to take vitamins, I was already on the road to eating better, but did not believe in all those vitamins. After doing research and learning about nutrition and speaking to my health care provide, I add several products to my daily routine and found I was feeling better. The bonus is that my key numbers for health have all improved. Shaklee as a company does not  intended  to diagnosis pr treating any deseases.


Today, I have learned that many people are affected by the chemicals in their home; more children today have asthma and autism. They have health issues that affected by their home environment.


I love sharing the knowledge that I have learned and I believe in preventive maintenance of my health so that managed care can stop managing my health issues. Educating people, making new friends and sharing these products and having peopled recognized the value is a bonus to me. I have worked hard and have achieved a level of success that makes me want to share with everyone and help them live a healthier life.


Going green is not just doing recycling or changing light bulbs. It’s taking care of us. One step at a time. Each of us.


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